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Welcome to icon_vibes a new and exciting icon challenge community! The challenges will be about applying different techniques, and basically being as creative as you can with the options your graphics programme has to offer. There will be (bi)weekly challenges in which your icon will compete against other icons that have been made applying a specific theme. This challenge is completely multi fandom so as not to exclude anyone!

current challenge

Challenge 5 : Text (Nov. 6 - Nov 11)

previous challenges

Challenge 4 : Cropping (Oct. 29 - Nov. 4) Winners/Banners
Challenge 3 : Textures (Oct. 21 - Oct. 28) Winners/Banners
Challenge 2 : Shapes (Oct. 14 - Oct. 21) Winners/Banners
Challenge 1 : Borders (Oct. 4 - Oct. 14) Winners/Banners

how it works

When and Where:
01. Every Friday either immodica or dontlickit will post a challenge in the form of a concept with a short explanation. For example, one week the challenge might be "filters" and the next it might be "brushes", then you go and create an icon in which you apply the concept. More details will be given as each challenge arises.
02. Then you have a whole week to submit your entry/entries to the challenge post.
03. If less than 5 icons are submitted at the end of a challenge, the challenge will be extended for another week, and the next challenge won't be posted until the next Friday.
04. Voting will commence on a Friday evening and ends on Sunday.

The General Rules:
01. You may use any image we provide, OR find your own image to work with.
02. Anyone can vote, you don't need to be a member to vote. Tell as many people as you like to go vote here, but no suggesting/hinting as to which icon to vote for, that's cheating and everyone in their right mind can decide for themselves which icons they like best.
03. No voting for yourself. It's good if you're confident, but voting for yourself obviously means you're not and it's lame and gets your icon disqualified.
04. Respect your fellow icon-makers.

The Entries/Submissions:
01. Your icon must meet the livejournal requirements: 100x100 pixels or smaller, no larger than 40K, and in either .gif, .jpg or .png format.
02. Animation will sometimes be allowed. Details on this will be in each individual challenge description.
03. Icons you see posted here were made by individual icon makers. If you want an icon for your own personal use, contact the respective icon maker and ask for permission.
04. Post your entry as a comment (will not be screened) to the originating challenge post as shown below:


The Voting System:
01. Voting will be done in the form of a poll.
02. You will vote for three (3) icons.
03. Calculating the votes in order to announce the winners works as follows: 3 points are given to every 1st place vote, 2 points to every 2nd place vote and 1 point to every 3rd place vote. Eg, icon 1, has 3 votes for first place, 2 votes for second, and 1 for third. In total this icon will have 3x3+2x2+1x1=15 points. This is calculated for each icon, and the icon with the highest amount of points wins gold, second highest wins silver, etc. This may seem a very complicated way to calculate, however it will get rid of most ties and it is more fair, as every vote gets counted.

Winners result in 1st place, 2nd and 3rd which will be rewarded with shiny banners that come in Gold, Silver and Bronze.


amy_contest - Amy Lee
angie_challenge - Angelina Jolie
jen_ichallenge - Jen Lindley (DC)

Want to affiliate with Icon Vibes? Please contact us by email/comment.

useful links

These links might be helpful to you in making the best icons possible! Remember to ALWAYS CREDIT when you use someone else's resources!

100x100_brushes - brushes
awmpdotnet - tutorials & resources
dearest - resources
heavy_tuts - tutorials
icon_concrit - constructive criticism
icon_extras - resources
iconschool - tutorials
icon_textures - textures
icon_tutorial - tutorials
icontutorials - tutorials
photoshopextras - resources
texturize - textures

your mods

immodica and dontlickit

We are currently not looking for more mods, but watch this space as opportunities may arise!